creativity and innovation session ~

The new module started with the creativity and innovation session which was conducted by Mr Barjoyai Bardai. When I first saw him, nothing much I can say about him. He is no more than the other trainer. However, as time goes by, I can sense something different in him. He is a person with full of imagination and creative thoughts. He likes to collect new-creative-invention-stuffs whenever he travels all around the world. He did ask us to think of something that are creative  for the future use. One thing for sure, he let us to think absurdly and never kill our idea. However, some absurd things that we mentioned had actually being introduced and marketed outside Malaysia. So, this is where  'nothing is impossible in this world' can be significantly applied.

For the last session, we need to express our feeling and problem through drawing. As for me, I do not have any problem to be expressed at that point of time. So, I  just draw what I like. Later, Mr Barjoyai and his PhD student will analyze the drawing. My drawing had been analyzed and to tell the truth,  approximately 75% of his analysis seem to be true and relevant. It makes me think twice.

Basically, four days with Mr. Barjoyai can actually unleashed our creativity and our feeling without we realized it. Everyone can be creative and innovative. Just let out whatever that is stucked in your mind. Who knows it can make you a millionaire one day. Nothing is impossible right.

The end of Module 1 ~

Hi all,

Module for communication skill has just ended. Within those 28 days, I have gained so many things. I am able to talk in front of people even though the nervousness is still there. Even the trainer said that it is okay to be nervous. So it is a normal thing actually. One thing that I’ve learned is that try to be calm when talking in front of people because it can help us to pronounce the words well and our voice projection will be much better. For sure I will work on it and hopefully it can be improved from time to time.

For our final presentation, each and every group need to present their business proposal for their product. Our group has come out with the idea to produce an eco-PALF (eco-pineapple leaf fibre). I am quite excited with this idea and if this is for real, I am sure this product can be further commercialized for the future. This eco-PALF can somehow replace the synthetic fiber in many aspect of application. It can be used to replace the conventional building materials, components for thermosets and thermostable as well as it can be used in textile industry. Apart from that, this is the first time I am doing the business proposal so it is like a new experience for me. There are many things that need to be included in the proposal. So far, I am very happy with our group’s proposal and everyone of us has contributed a lot in completing this proposal as well as for the presentation itself. 

Now here come the second module…hoping to learn about something interesting. Till here..

Mock interview and public speaking ~

These two sessions had elevated my level of nervousness to a very high level. I never had the chance to attend any interview so far. At first, I think it is quite tough for me and I keep asking myself to be relax. Even though it is just a mock interview, I still can feel the pressure as the interviewer seems to be so cold on the appearance. I got Mr. Farouk for my interviewer. I can’t sit still once I look at his face. While waiting for my turn, I try to remember all the answers from the expected questions. My turn was after lunch break and once I get into the room, I can feel the sense of warm and comfort surrounding. I have tried my best to answer all those questions and I feel so good after that.  The feedback from by Mr. Farouk really made my day. His comments are full of encouraging words. What I’ve learned from this mock interview is be calm so that you won’t lose words and you will look more confident. Thanks to my friends also for being so kind to share their experiences when attending the interviews and how they responds to certain questions given.

Next is the public speaking session. I talk about the importance of information technology in education system. Seriously my heart throb rapidly. During my turn, I try to be calm. However it won’t work. I can feel that my voice shaky. 3 minutes left and I think that there are so many things to be improved such as my eye contact with the audience and way to control my nervousness.

Frankly speaking, I have gained my confident to speak in front of people after these 2 sessions. We won’t know our capability until we try. So in order to be calm and confident when talking in front of people, we just need to do a lot of practices and don’t be shy to make mistakes.. That’s it.

Resume writing and Report writing ~

Yes I know it has been a long time since i wrote the last entry. Can't avoid the tiredness and laziness at the same time. Frankly speaking, i do not have the time to open the laptop during the night. The things that come into my mind is only the comforter and the pillow. However i am trying very hard to adapt myself with the new-kind-of-working-hours-period. Go out early in the morning, reaching home at almost 6 o'clock =)

I know the title of this post and even the posts before this are quite lame. Just bear with me guys. I'm not creative enough to twist the title to sounds more interesting. So these two sessions were conducting again by Mrs Farah and Mrs Norliza. For the resume writing, i can say nothing much about it. All we need to do in this session is to write our own resume for the next mock interview session. Truthfully, what i expected in this session is where the trainer show us how to make interesting resume together with the examples so that we can upgrade our old version of resume. However, i have the chance to see different types of resume layout when we are required to look through all of our friends' resume and make some comments of it. Basically all the information in the resume is more or less  the same but the way we arrange it that makes it looks more appealing.

Next is the report writing. Our group have come out with an idea of doing the eco-friendly disposable diapers using pineapple leaves fiber. It is quite an interesting thing to research on but then is not the final decision yet. Hopefully we can come out with the final one. 

The Art Of Public Speaking ~

Yesterday is such a non-productive day for me and my 3 other  housemates. We overslept and we arrived 10 minutes late at Unirazak. Being late to class is kind of spoiled our mood the whole day. We only think forward to break time. However, the trainer for yesterday's session can somehow twisted our mood gradually. Frankly speaking, I love to see the way he talk, his gesture, the way he interact with us and his tone of voice.

It is good in this session where all of us need to talk by hook or by crook. It is a Public Speaking session and what do you expect right...I'm quite nervous as this is my first time talking in front of the class. Sometimes I find it hard to find suitable words and I barely able to focus on people's eyes. This is one of my weaknesses. When i was like accidentally having an eye contact with the audiences, i can feel that the nervousness going beyond the limit. I really need to encounter this so that it can build up my confident level. What I need is to find the courage in myself. By the way, this particular session is just to warming us up. More to a session to open our mouth. The real one should be held on 21st December and i am looking forward to that. NERVOUS??? frankly speaking...YES I AM!!!

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