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The new module started with the creativity and innovation session which was conducted by Mr Barjoyai Bardai. When I first saw him, nothing much I can say about him. He is no more than the other trainer. However, as time goes by, I can sense something different in him. He is a person with full of imagination and creative thoughts. He likes to collect new-creative-invention-stuffs whenever he travels all around the world. He did ask us to think of something that are creative  for the future use. One thing for sure, he let us to think absurdly and never kill our idea. However, some absurd things that we mentioned had actually being introduced and marketed outside Malaysia. So, this is where  'nothing is impossible in this world' can be significantly applied.

For the last session, we need to express our feeling and problem through drawing. As for me, I do not have any problem to be expressed at that point of time. So, I  just draw what I like. Later, Mr Barjoyai and his PhD student will analyze the drawing. My drawing had been analyzed and to tell the truth,  approximately 75% of his analysis seem to be true and relevant. It makes me think twice.

Basically, four days with Mr. Barjoyai can actually unleashed our creativity and our feeling without we realized it. Everyone can be creative and innovative. Just let out whatever that is stucked in your mind. Who knows it can make you a millionaire one day. Nothing is impossible right.


yankochan2 said...

itu PDRM kene sandwhich by layers..true, true

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